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Ducati Motorcycles
Dealership Profile

Section 8 Superbike Storefront Section8Superbike was born of the founders' desire to do things a little bit differently in the world of Ducati. Not entirely satisfied with neither the local nor national Ducati resources known to them, Section8Superbike's founders decided to start their own authorized Ducati dealership with a customer service-driven vision towards doing things the right way. With over 10 years of experience within the motorcycle industry, and an additional 10 years outside the industry, the founders of Section8Superbike understand what it's like to be on both sides of the counter - most importantly, not having forgotten what it's like to be a customer.

It's always nice to be able to interact with someone who is actually authorized to make a decision. When a visitor walks into Section8Superbike, they'll be greeted by someone who is racer, a factory authorized Ducati technician and an owner. This rare combination is part of what makes Section8Superbike different.

New bike sales are also something that Section8 does differently. Each bike sold by Section8 will be offered with our special setup blueprinting service. Rather than just pop the battery in the bike and shove it out the door, Section8 will examine each bike to make sure that it is set up to the correct factory specifications before it is delivered. This service includes checking the throttle position sensor calibration, throttle body position, cam belt tension, etc., all for a nominal charge. In addition, for a reasonable fee, Section8 will tailor the chassis and suspension settings to the individual customer's weight and riding preference. Having your new bike well set up before it goes out the door will help ensure that the quality of your Ducati experience is maximized.

With a comprehensive stocking of normal maintenance parts performance parts, oils and chemicals as well as authentic Ducati apparel, Section8Superbike aspires to be the complete Ducati store: first call for both online and local customers, a resource for racers and track dayers and the "one-stop shop" for street riders.