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Ducati Motorcycles
Service Department

Service Crucial to the quality of the customer experience at section 8 superbike is the quality of the after-sale service. Whether you purchase your Ducati new from us, or bring in your own prized Ducati, we endeavor to provide the finest quality of service possible.

 At section 8 superbike, we take the mechanical aspects of Ducati seriously. Not only has our experienced technicians been to the latest Ducati service school but so have the owners! Upon check-in, each bike is carefully inspected for problems both obvious and subtle. Services are performed complete; with no steps either marginalized or skipped.

  • 3 Certified Ducati factory trained technicians on staff
  • 1 Certified Ohlins suspension Technician on staff
  • We have ALL of the current Ducati special tools on site
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • We have a massive stock of maintenance and performance parts in stock to ensure the quick turn around of your bike
  • Ducati warranty work welcome
  • Insurance work welcome
  • We do everything from tune ups to full blown racebikes

Description of Our Most Popular Services:

First Service: Detailed description of this service

6,000 Mile Service: Detailed description of this service

12,000 Mile Service: Detailed description of this service

Chassis Setup: We have learned through experience that motorcycles are a bit like suits in need of tailoring to the specific customer. We've developed chassis geometry and suspension settings that we feel bring out the best in the handling and overall performance of your Ducati. We take the time to set up each retail customer's bike according to their weight and intended usage, as well as what we know works. We also offer this service to those customers who wish to have their current Ducati set up in a similar manner.
Detailed description of this service

Fuel Injection Optimization: Critical to the maximization of your Ducati's performance is the optimization of the fuel delivery system settings. From around-town driving, to the racetrack, the proper set up and tune of these settings pays dividends that you can actually feel. We've consulted with top Ducati factory service personnel to develop our FI optimization package, and now offer this service to both new and existing Ducati owners.
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